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Hello! First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my web page. It’s an honor for me to welcome you scrolling along my pages dedicating your time to see my photos.

It’s time to introduce myself: my name is Dany and some time ago I decided to present my photographic work through the following pseudonym: Eigen Dan Art. At the end of this biography I am going to tell you how it came to it.

German and Italian, I was born in Argentina and I am living in Madrid since 2001.

When I was 5 years old my parents started to develop my artistic side by music and at just this age I started to study the piano. In the course of the years I took part in several music projects but… here I only want to talk about photography so I don’t enter in more details.

My gathering with photography took place in the beginning of the wonderful 80s. At this time I bought my first SLR camera, books and training encyclopedias about the subject (there was no internet; neither Saint Google nor Mr Youtube had been born yet). I remember that I devoured all this information – an avidity that doubtlessly came along as a result of passion- and spent so many films that the guy of the photo shop changed his car end moved to a big house in less than a year….
But I learned a lot and enjoyed even more.  A common thing that happened also to me was that my first “models” were my children and also some of my friends. This era helped me too, to figure out what I wouldn’t repeat later on, in photographic terms spoken.

But this era only lasted a bit more than 5 years and not because I lost interest but because I didn’t have a camera any longer. This was the cause I got away more and more from photography.  Until I came back to it like to a first love in the end of the last century. I bought a new (of course still analogical) SLR and digged  all the learned things of more than 15 years ago out of grandmother’s chest.

Actually the final turnaround didn’t take place until 2009 when I decided to do a selection of my whole photographic file, to create my first web page about photography and load up there all my “big works”…
When the digital era arrived I started to use a Bridge camera which gave me much happiness, before I bought my actual SLR that accompanies me today.

Without any doubt the most important of these last years has been discovering and directing my photographic creativity in all the topics with which I identify myself and which permit to express myself as the  artist I am, the way I feel and what I like to share.

That’s why in the beginning I told you that I really appreciate your visit because it’s with you that I want to share my vision of the world and of the persons and things that surround me.

I could say that art is the essence of my life, in the beginning of everything only expressed by the music (what I still continue doing) but later on it found its “plastic” approach in photography.

Today I am immerged in several photographic projects. Some of them are personal ones; some others are shared ones with other photographers and many others waiting for their day to come.

Now, it’s the people that are my major photographic objective for artistic expression, much more than other topics even if they occupy a big part of my portfolio they are not as close to my heart. Showing the people how they are, how they feel, how they suffer or just how they act is my photographic priority right now.

I hope that you enjoy as much of my photos as I do taking them. I appreciate very much your comment if you would like to leave one at one of them. And you know that I am at your disposal by email. I would like to know very much your opinion about my work.

A big hug
Eigen Dan Art







The origin of Eigen Dan Art:

Some years ago I decided to start using a pseudonym in my photos which represents my essence and style of work: Eigen Dan Art.
This pseudonym, with words of my German roots, has a big meaning for me: Eigen means “own, personal, special, particular”, Eigenart means “singularity, proper, own art”. Apparently Dan is an abreviation of my name and this is what identifys me within this wordplay.

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