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Communicated but Isolated - Eigen Dan Art Photography

Communicated but Isolated

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“We have transformed in urban isles with antennas…”

Without any doubt, what many of the humans of the big cities observe nowadays and how they behave is not at all new, what has changed is simply the object of our attention.

We are talking about the phenomenon of communication by the new technologies that are accessible by almost everybody who inhabits these cities.

On the one hand the immediacy to be “in contact” with other persons all around the planet, and on the other hand the possibility of doing it from every place and in each moment obviously including our sometimes huge displacements together with the additional “advantage” of “painting” our emotional situation and in some cases, modifying our real identities. All this has exacerbated this phenomenon in an exponential way. But the problem is not at all a technological matter.

The origin of the question continues being the same: our clumsiness to communicate between the ones surrounding us, our disinterest to do it, our exaggerated individualism, our idleness.

We live (almost literally) submerged in our smartphones and tablets while our real life passes by without noticing it. And when I say life I refer to everything in it: the beauty, the contemplation, the astonishment, the love, the friendship, the opportunities, thinking, feeling, enjoying….

We don’t see anything, hear anything, we are “communicated” but very isolated between each other…

Paul Haggis tells us in his movie Crash (Lions Gate Films, 2004):

“It’s a sense of touch. In any real city you walk, you know. You brush past people, people bump into you. In Los Angeles nobody touches you. We are always behind this metal and glass… I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.… We are looking for an answer…
… We carry on…
… We get together…
… We are falling apart…
… When you are moving at the speed of life…
… We are bound to collide with each other…”

This photographic project pretends to place us as observers in front of a mirror. A mirror which reflects an important part of the time of our lives as a community of human beings taking place all over the modern cities of the world.

Eigen Dan Art