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During the course of our lives and since we are born until we die, we establish ties to different species and on different purposes.

The first one, with our parents. Later on with our relatives (grandfathers, aunts, cousins etc…), with the friends of our parents and their children, with our neighbors and their children etc… When we start school, we establish ties with our classmates and teachers. To this list we can also sum up our pets with which we establish an important affective tie, in some cases this tie is stronger than the one with other human beings.

Furthermore all these ties are forming our character, our values, our sense of the good and the bad, our concepts regarding love, family, partner, education etc…  let’s say the things we have lived and observed from our most deeply.

Then and together with our growing independence we start to establish our own personal ties: partner, coworker, bosses, later on our own family, children, grandchildren…

Some of these ties are the ones that accompany us during a great part, inclusively during our whole life. Or without noticing them or being conscious of them, we work all our life building up these ties (and destructing them too….).

What this photographic project is all about is the character of those ties, especially based on the point of view of our affects, starting by the closest: parents and children, brothers and sisters, partners and good friends.

This sample represents a fragment of this project to which more works will be added by the by. Works which continue speaking of this basic fact since the existence of the human being:  ties that connect to its pairs…

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